If you've been paying attention you may have noticed that our beloved Imageyenation.com has been missing from these here internets since August 21st 2006.

Our sudden and total disappearance was due totally to douchebaggery on the part of our former webhost who not only left us without hosting but deleted our valuable data.

During the downtime since then we've been scrambling to find a suitable home elsewhere on the web and recover as much of our missing content as we could.

Unfortunately we weren't able to recover everything, so in addition to the missing months where we couldn't post any new content there will be a chunk of missing content when we go live.

Luckily that chunk will be relatively small though, and we've managed to save the really important stuff, like reviews and interviews.

As you can see, we've finally found a new host, and we're now in the process of rebuilding the site and getting it back online.

There will be some changes, but they'll all be positive, and the one thing you can be sure of is that we will be continuing with the same quality content you've come to expect.

In short, we're coming back, soon... And we hope you'll be coming back to visit.


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