I was lucky enough to see 'AKIRA', the groundbreaking anime based on director Katsuhiro Otomo's manga in an actual movie theatre upon it's initial release here in the U.

I also owned a copy of the original Streamline Video VHS which I watched over and over and over again in almost ritualistic fashion throughout the 1990's.

It's been re-released on home media several times since then, including an extended edit of the film with a completely re-written and re-dubbed English audio track from Pioneer at the beginning of the new millennium.

And sadly the years have also seen US movie studios attempt to produce a live action version of the tale, usually starring some hot at the moment Caucasian actors in the various starring roles which should be played by actors of Asian heritage.

"Inspired" by these attempts at whitewashing the story, a group of filmmaking fans got some money together, rounded up a mighty fine cast, and made their own 'AKIRA' mini-movie which they've released to YouTube.

It was their intent to stick as close to the source material as possible and do 'AKIRA' justice with their crowdsourced, Indiegogo campaign funded adaptation.

They did it.

Project Akira
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At 01:00 AM on 05/11/14
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It appears that it's only showing on the film festival scene right now, but 'Starry Eyes' from young filmmaking duo Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch looks to be a must see!

This indie-horror flick, ostensibly about a would-be film starlet who sells herself to "The Devil" or some such, looks like it's bringing the gore and the sex back to the silver screen.

Keep an eye on the film's website to see if it might be showing near you sometime soon.

'Starry Eyes'
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At 04:05 PM on 04/27/14
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Indie auteur Jim Jarmusch already did Samurai (see 'Ghost Dog') and Cowboys & Indians (see 'Dead Man') so I suppose it's only right he does the immortal undead (a.k.a. Vampires) in his newest flick.

The latest trailer for 'Only Lovers Left Alive' showcases Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, John Hurt, and Jeffrey Wright in what appears to be a Burroughs-esque black romantic comedy of some sort.

It arrives in US theatres, in limited release, on April 11th.

Count me in! Bleh!

'Only Lovers Left Alive'
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From the looks of the latest trailer for Gareth Edwards' "reboot" of 'Godzilla', it appears the 'Monsters' director has a handle on the giant city-wrecking beast.

The small glimpses he's been giving us of the big green guy in these preview spots leading up the film's May 16th release date have been downright spine-tingling!

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I have no idea who greenlit 'Jinn', a new supernatural/horror/action flick based around Islamic mythology.

But whoever they are, may Allah bless them, 'cause this shit looks fuckin' nuts!

I mean, you know my proclivities regarding mysticism and the occult, but it's also got Ray "Darth Maul" Park in it for chrissake!

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At 05:57 PM on 02/21/14
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Music video auteur and 'Sexy Beast' director Jonathan Glazer taps Scarlett Johansson for exactly the kind of role I was looking for from her post-'Ghost World' and 'Lost in Translation'.

Their new film 'Under the Skin' finds the gorgeous and mysterious actress playing a gorgeous and mysterious creature of some kind, which may or may not have a supernatural origin.

Apparently the flick, which has been released overseas and made the festival circuit on this side of the pond has been leaving audiences and critics alike divided as to its quality.

One thing is certain, ScarJo looks impeccable here, as does Glazer's eye for striking scene layout, shot construction, and general visual style, which is both creepy and beautiful.

'Under the Skin' is in theatres this April.

'Under the Skin'
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At 09:07 PM on 02/17/14
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Despite the fact that I have apparently been banned from the comments section of their film blog Badass Digest, I am more than a little excited for Drafthouse Films' forthcoming 'A Field in England'.

The black & white tale of war, soldiers, an Alchemist, psychedelic mushrooms, a mysterious treasure, and the titular field, comes courtesy of director Ben Wheatley, of 'Sightseers' and 'Kill List' fame.

'Kill List' is a masterfully executed mindfuck of a movie that easily found a place on my favorite witch/cult films of all time list, so I have high hopes for his handling of "magic" and psychedelia here.

It hits theatres and VOD on February 7th.

'A Field in England'
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At 05:13 PM on 01/18/14
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