A frantic "Night On Bald Mountain" loop anchors raw verses from Boot Camp's Sean Price and Black Market Militia emcee William Cooper on "Holy Mountain" featuring Stoneface.

"Holy Mountain" is from William Cooper's star-studded sophomore album 'God's Will' which is out May 5th on Gemstarr Regime Records.

William Cooper

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Inspired by Josef Wäges, Reinhard Markner, and Jeva Singh-Anand's 'The Secret School of Wisdom'--a book which presents the authentic rituals and doctrines of the Baavarian Illuminiati in print for the first time--which arrived in the mail today, I was inspired to take Monday Magick back to the late 1700's!

The magickal music in this post comes via none other than master composer, Freemason, and some say Illuminist, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Composed in 1785, the heyday of Adam Weishaupt and his Order of the Illuminati, "Maurerische Trauermusik (Masonic Funeral Music)" was written in honor the passing of Duke Georg August of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and Count Franz Esterhįzy von Galįntha, members of the Viennese aristocracy and Mozart's brother Masons. The incredibly beautiful and melancholy piece is just one of many compositions Mozart wrote which were directly inspired by Masonry and it's attendant philosophies. "The Magic Flute" stands out to many as a work especially steeped in Masonic Illuminism, though many of his symphonies and operas featured Enlightenment-inspired themes that mark them as Illuminist in nature.

You really should listen to more Mozart, and read 'The Secret School of Wisdom' if the opportunity should arise.

Music is magick!
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Shhh...Imageyenation's freshly revived flagship podcast has a new name!

Your old friends El Keter and Emeyesi are back and happy to reveal Clandestine Tranmission, a new and slightly more mysterious variation on our storied podcast tradition!

Keep in mind, we're still cleaning some of the rust off what was once a well-oiled broadcasting team, so please forgive the technical difficulties and minor screw-ups!

For whatever reason we had some volume issues during our second talking break.

We'll try to get it right next time.


1. Black Atlass "Genevičve"
2. Sam Smith "Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)"
3. Shlohmo "Fading"
4. Phony PPL "End of the Night (Louis Futon Remix)"
5. SBTRKT "Relics" feat. Tev'n
6. Shamir "Call it Off"
7. Hot Chip "Need You Now"
8. Hoodboi "Palm Reader"
9. Toro Y Moi "The Flight"
10. of Montreal "Empyrean Abattoir"

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Canada's most based emcee, Noah23, pays tribute to visionary author and lecturer Terrence McKenna on the Motėm-produced track of the same name.

"Terrence McKenna" is the first single from Noah23's forthcoming 30-track magnum opus 'Peacock Angel' which is due out May 23rd.

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This week's Monday Magick comes from Chicago-bred, Los Angeles-based emcee Open Mike Eagle, one of the most erudite, scholastic, comedic, and politically astute rappers in the game. The Hot Sugar-produced "5ree Thinkers", the opening track on his 2012 'Rent Party Extension' EP, was the first indication that his ability to craft whimsical songs that enlighten life's mundanities may be fueled by the esoteric.

Songs like "Nightmares" and "Bright Green Lights" from his 2011 LP 'Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes' gave an inkling that there were deeper undercurrents to Open Mike Eagle's thinking than the run of the mill rapper's. But "5ree Thinkers", which incorporates references to the supernatural and philosophical ideas central to the show 'LOST', name-drops Rosicrucianism and witchcraft, and generally reflects the qualities of a free-thinking philosophy, was practically an outright Illuminist declaration. He even ends the song with a confession that he doesn't really possess any real occult knowledge, a classic diversionary tactic familiar to occultists far and wide...not to mention a reworking of the of the all-too-familiar claim that true knowledge is admitting you know nothing, or aspiring to the qualities of the "pure fool". That it came from a scion of a crew called Hellfyre Club only made even more sense. Of course, it helped that the beat knocked too.

Mike would follow the EP featuring "5ree Thinkers" with 2012's '4NML HSPTL' LP which delved even deeper into underground streams of consciousness, directly addressing the artists own journey through the "dark night of the soul" into and eventually out of "chapel perilous". The album came with a bevy of online notes detailing the philosophical ideas contained within and their origins. Yeah, rap albums have footnotes now.

Mike's most recent project, 'A Special Episode Of' is available now from BandCamp.

Music is magick!
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Some serious Talking Heads vibes, with a splash of The Starr ☆ Company-era Prince for good measure, permeates the white-boy Funk of "Come Back to Me" from New York's EMEFE.

The video tells the second part of a linear but trippy story the evidently psychologically disturbed band started telling in the video for their previous single "Same Thing", which I actually found a lot funkier.

Both tracks are from their self-released, self-titled debut LP which is due out May 5th.

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Blog favorites Hot Chip get their Nacho Vigalondo on in the sci-fi-inspired, paradoxical, time-travelling video for their House-y new single "Need You Now"

"Need You Now" is the band's second single from their sixth studio LP 'Why Make Sense?' which is due out on May 18th on Domino Record.

Hot Chip
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