I can admit, I watched Beyoncé's new video "Haunted" because of the title, and I wanted to see if it would be on some "me" shit.

Well, Bey did not disappoint.

Forget the Madonna comparisons. This shit is gorgeous!

I'm talking grotesque, and delicious, and oh, so sensual.

And I'm not just saying that 'cause she's the "Queen of the Illuminati".

"Haunted" is from that self-titled album she released a while back.

You probably already own it.

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At 08:34 PM on 12/04/14
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Norwegian Electronica duo Röyksopp are old favorites of ours here at Imageyenation. But they've never made anything, sonically or visually, like their new single and video "Skulls".

Everything is much, much darker, from the pounding, robotic track, to the video which follows a group of ne'er-do-wells into the woods to experiment with...Magick? Drugs? Both? I'll let you be the judge.

All I know is I like it. And I'm pretty sure I saw Cthulhu in there somewhere.

It's from their new record, 'The Inevitable End', which is out now on Dog Triumph.

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I watched El-P and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels absolutely destroy the Paradise Rock Club in Boston last Friday.

The entire place was vibrating from the nonstop bass assault they launched from the stage and from the crowd jumping up and down non-stop.

My live Twitter feed looked something like this...

Now you can watch them get all "trippy" with the colorful geometric shapes and warped images of their new video for "Oh My Darling (Don't Cry)".

If you don't have their newest record, the instant classic 'Run the Jewels 2', go get that shit homie.

Run the Jewels
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This week's Monday Magick comes from pioneers of the Pacific Northwestern music scene, The Sonics. Hailing from Tacoma Washington, The Sonics are one of the Garage Rock bands from the '60s whose fast and hard-hitting style can be cited as proto-Punk. And though their two LPs, 'Here are the Sonics' and 'Boom', released by Etiquette Records in 1965 and 1966 respectively, were heavy with covers, they were also known for penning original tunes about decidedly dark subject matter.

One of those originals, 1965's "The Witch", is pretty straightforward in warning a newcomer to town to avoid the feminine wiles of a certain "witchy woman". It doesn't go too far in explicitly enumerating her occult activities. And while it couches its terminology in metaphor, it also maintains a sense of seriousness, warning the listener to flee if she should visit your abode. "She's gonna make you itch" sounds pretty innocent to our modern ears. But we could also assume that "itch" is meant to signify some metaphor for dark sexual desires inspired by her spell casting. And besides, the song just fucking rocks, both pre-figuring decades of Punk rock and, with its ill screaming chorus, hearkening back to early shock-rocker Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Over the decades The Sonics inspired countless younger acts, including fellow Northwesterners Nirvana, The White Stripes, and even LCD Soundsystem. The band has gone through numerous personnel changes during that time as well, with a version of the band still active today.

Music is magick!
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Leave it up to Brooklyn's original Art-Rap goddess Bunny Michael to make a 90's style Techno-Rap track about getting in touch with your "Holy Guardian Angel".

The track in question, "A.F.D. (angel fucking dream)", was produced by former Light Asylum member Bruno Coviello and is about "being in touch with your magic self" and "waking up from the dream of illusion".

Yes, this song is on some serious "magick shit".

As is the video, which also takes heavy inspiration from the classic 'Street Fighter' video game series.

It's off her recently released 'Rainbow Licker' EP.

Bunny Michael
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YouTube is full of nutty videos made by kooky motherfuckers detailing unbelievable conspiracies, many of them involving a shadowy and ill-defined group called the "Illuminati".

Lemmino of YouTube channel Top 10 Memes has produced one of the most even-handed and hilarious videos about the history of the actual Bavarian Illuminati and the subject of Illuminism in general that I've ever seen.

He touches on several important points, quickly debunks most of the conspiratorial bullshit associated with Illuminism, touches on RAW's role in the whole thing, and makes me laugh several times.

Watch it. School yourself. And get a few laughs.

Top 10 Memes
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I was into today's Monday Magick entry, an Austin, Texas-based rapper, poet, and musician going by the absurd monicker MC 900 (ft. Jesus), about the same time I was getting into XCLAN. Around that time I probably watched MTV's "alternative" program '120 Minutes' just as much as 'YO! MTV Raps', which is where I was exposed to the video for "Truth is Out of Style". For some reason the catchy jam and ill visual accompaniment inspired me to immediately run out and cop his Nettwerk Music/IRS Records debut 'Hell With the Lid Off' on cassette.

In hindsight, there's a lot of occult imagery in the video, and even more-so on the album, though I don't know that's what caught my attention at the time. I was aware that MC 900's name was inspired by an Oral Roberts sermon that recounted the televangelist being visited by a 900 foot Jesus, so the dark religious imagery just seemed to fit. But I only began to explore those themes in a truly meaningful way when I revisited the album after some years had passed. It's been a favorite for decades, and I find that aside from being a groundbreaking musician, who was blending Hip-Hop, turntablism, House, Electronica, Jazz, Downtempo, and Lounge in a cut-n-paste style years before there was a Trip-Hop or any of that shit, he was a master surrealist and social critic, and his use of was clearly on a unique trip that embraced the occult, the psychedelic, Discordianism, and maybe even some of what RAW was smoking.

Ultimately MC 900 (ft. Jesus) became disillusioned with the entertainment industry and left the business, right when the brand of outsider Hip-Hop he pioneered sort of became "normal" thanks to the rise of the internet-fueled indie underground. He did however release a handful of other records, which all have their charms, before his retirement. I spoke to one of his former collaborators via MySpace during its heyday and they indicated it was very unlikely he'd mount a comeback.

Music is magick!
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