We haven't heard from blog favorite Nedelle Torrisi since the first week of this site's relaunch.

That post was about the first single from her then forthcoming self-titled LP.

This post is about her newest single from that LP, a downtempo, bass-heavy, Tropical balled called "Don't Play Dumb".

Apparently she infiltrated a Target store in order to film certain portions of the video.

Her seventh album, 'Nedelle Torrisi', is still available from digital retailers.

Nedelle Torrisi
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At 10:09 PM on 01/14/15
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Saint Louis-bred crooner Coultrain quotes the 'Ghostbusters 2' theme and flashes some Alchemical symbolism in the his new self-directed video for the Industrial-Soul ballad "Kiss of Death".

"Kiss of Death" is the lead-off track from Coultrain's new EP, the Black Spade-produced 'Side Effex Of Make Believe; divided for love's sake', which is available at digital retailers now via Fresh Selects.

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The new Young Replicant-directed video for Flying Lotus' song "Coronus, The Terminator" kinda has me kicking myself for not including his 'You're Dead!' LP on my 2014 "best of" list.

Yes, the list is coming.

Sadly I just didn't keep 'You're Dead!' in heavy enough rotation for it to compete with some of the heavily played records that did make the list.

That said, this shit has proven that FlyLo knows some shit about life, death, and the journey of the human consciousness.

If you don't own 'You're Dead!', cop it now, on Warp Records.

Flying Lotus
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I've been pretty stressed out recently, so this weeks Monday Magick entry is on some cool out shit. It's an extended 7-and-a-half-minute Jazz-Funk fusion instrumental titled "Witch Doctor's Brew" from obscure California-based band Magnum. And though the track certainly isn't diabolical by any means, it is the one tune on the 8-piece outfits 7-cut 1974 LP 'Fully Loaded' to even half-heartedly reference anything even remotely "occult."

"Witch Doctor's Brew", with its simple meandering bassline, Afro-Latin percussion accompaniment, twinkling electric piano, plucky guitar, and slick horns, sits soundly in the Jazz fusion milieu. A (not so) quick listen (since the song is 7-plus-minutes long) should bring to mind the likes of Roy Ayers Ubiquity, The Crusaders, Mandrill, Ohio Players, Tower of Power, and not less than a few more of their contemporaries. The full length album, which features only original compositions penned by the band itself, including several vocal tunes, explores different aspects of Jazz and Funk sound including some that are not necessarily as laid back as the brand of groove offered on "Witch Doctor's Brew".

Sadly 'Fully Loaded' didn't exactly set the charts on fire, though it remained a cult classic with crate-diggers for decades. It was the bands only release, and if various members of the rather large group went on to work on anything else of note I'm currently unaware of it.

Music is magick.
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At 10:27 PM on 01/12/15
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For whatever reason it took me forever to get hip to new music from Montreal's Stars, particularly their single/video "From the Night".

This shit nails the catchy-as-fuck post-DFA Disco-Rock thing 100% and officially qualifies as the anthem for motherfuckers like moi who are almost forty but feel just a little over half of that and still wish we could party and enjoy the night instead of getting up at dawn to go to work for the fucking man.

"From the Night" was the first single from Stars eighth LP 'No One is Lost' which dropped later in 2014 on Soft Revolution.

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At 11:06 PM on 01/05/15
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The other day somebody asked me what the dudes from Hot Chip are up to.

When it comes to Joe Goddard at least that answer is simple; making absolutely gorgeous modern day Disco anthems with his partner Raf Daddy as The 2 Bears!

It's been out for a while, but I just caught the video for "Not This Time", and not only was I floored by the intimate images of drag performers at a UK "working mans club", but the subtle and engaging tune as well.

"Not This Time" is from The Two Bears' sophomore LP 'The Night is Young', which dropped last Fall on Southern Fried Records.

The 2 Bears
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After an extended hiatus for the holidays Monday Magick is back with our first ever entry from the Disco era, C.J. & Co.'s certified Club Classic, "Devil's Gun". While not explicitly occult in content, any Soul, Funk, R&B, or Disco song that name-checks The Fallen One is certainly a rarity. This one even provided the title for the Detroit outfit's full-length Westbound Records debut!

I personally became acquainted with the song because of the album, which my DJ partner Emeyesi purchased on one of our crate digging expeditions to a local flea-market. If memory serves, he bought the album because of the title and cover, which, with it's pile of skulls and gun-toting alien/devil looks more like a Heavy Metal LP than a Disco record. We were both shocked when it turned out to be on Westbound, home of Funkadelic and the Ohio Players, produced by former Funk Brother Dennis Coffey and his partner Mike Theodore, and emblazoned with the familiar phrase "A Tom Moulton Mix". As it turns out, the song itself was a pretty major hit during Disco's heyday, and allegedly opened the legendary Studio 54 nightclub. It may not be all that devilish, but how's that for hedonism?

The 'Devil's Gun' LP also features "We Got Our Own Thing", another certified Club Classic. 1978 found the five-piece releasing a sophomore LP titled 'Deadeye Dick' before disbanding a year later. Sadly, like many of their contemporaries, they seem to have faded into obscurity thereafter.

Music is magick!
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At 10:36 PM on 01/05/15
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