Directed by Adan Jodorowsky and starring his brother Cristóbal Jodorowsky and giallo director Dario's daughter Asia Argento, 'The Voice Theif', looks like a surreal experience that certainly bears the stamp of influence of the Jodorowsky family patriarch, cult filmmaker and "psycho-magician" Alejandro.

The film, which follows a husband's quest to find a new voice for his opera-singer bride after causing her to lose hers, was finished in 2013 and has been making the festival rounds of late, sometimes shown in conjunction with Alejandro's autobigraphical 'La Danza de la Realidad', but hasn't seen an official wide release yet.

It doesn't have an official website either.
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At 03:21 PM on 09/06/14
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Blahzé Misfits - Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band

Blahzé Misfits 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' (.ZIP)

The unsolicited e-mail I received alerting me to New York-area Rap crew Blahzé Misfits' new record/mixtape 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' described the project as "a darkly comedic record from two rappers w/ an obsession with the occult, vaudeville and personality disorders." That shit sounded right up my alley, so I downloaded it immediately and decided right then and there I'd cover it here on the blog.

A few days later and I still know very little about Blahzé Misfits other than the fact that they're comprised of two emcees, Ly Moula and Georgie Jessel, and that Ly Moula is an alias for producer Lyle Horowitz. That in and of itself is relatively meaningless as I have no idea who the fuck any of those people are. I do however know that the group is carrying on the tradition of "weirdo Rap" pioneers like Das Racist, Plastic Little, Serengeti, and J-Zone, and 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' is a lot of fun.

You can own your own copy of 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' right now for free via the duo's BandCamp page. Grab it, and their previous project 'As Fate Would Have It', and wonder how a Rap group can exist in 2014 with such a minimal presence on the internet and social media.

Blahzé Misfits
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Don't let the calendar fool you. It might say September in bold letters. But the thermometer, which is hitting a sultry 90 degrees today, is still screaming "SUMMER!"

That sort of sweaty weather calls for some music designed to make you sweat. So I present Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro's Pearls Negras and their bass bumping, body pumping, party starter "Make it Last".

This is the same kind of lo-fi, throwback production, biting elements from Bass music, House, and Club, we came to expect from the Baile Funk genre several years back. It's equal measures Salt-N-Pepa, JJ Fad, and Technotronic.

Put this one on at your next "Summer's Not Over" get-together and watch the party people get wet. And don't forget to check out the teenage trio's 'Biggie Apple' mixtape at the BOLABO link below.

Pearls Negras
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Our Labor Day candidate for Monday Magick, "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry featuring former Three 6 Mafia frontman Juicy J, is probably a surprise to some. But I totally meant to share this video when it debuted several month ago. After all, there's a whole YouTube cottage industry of conspiracy videos accusing the former Christian singer turned Pop diva of being some sort of Illuminati high priestess or something. That's the kind of thing that will get you my attention, no matter how many records you sell.

When "Dark Horse" hit, with its bold-faced, if cartoony, depictions of the Hermetic traditions of ancient Kemet, my reaction was basically "Oh, now the conspiracy theorists actually have something to be mad about". I certainly dug the song's slow & low Trap production with its etheric synths and deep bass. And even though I've disliked everything Ms. Perry's released since some company sent me a promo of her "UR So Gay" single in 2007, I've been sold on "Dark Horse" since day one. I'm sure the "If you wanna play with magic" refrain, which mirrors the classic Lovecraftian admonition "doe not call up Any that you can not put downe", has a lot to do with it. Well, that, and the bass. You gotta love bass.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you the name of Ms. Perry's album or what label it was released on. No, I really don't.

Music is magick.
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The Magicians

Sorry folks, but Monday Magick will be taking this week off.

We'll be back with another entry of our magickal musical feature next week.
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Original Art-Rap princess Bunny Michael, the artist formerly known as Bunny Rabbit, does throbbing Industrial and psychedelic gyrating in her new video "Cool to Me (Nature Slut ignorant art)".

Her newish EP 'Rainbow Licker' is still in digital stores online, and her line of one-of-a-kind hand-painted clothing items, Nature Slut, is available for order via her Tumblr page.

Bunny Michael
Nature Slut
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Noah23 - Street Astrology

Noah23 'Street Astrology' (.ZIP)

Canadian rap-sensation and friend of Discordia Noah23 is back with another album of blissed out beats and esoteric rhymes, minus the downshifted vocal stylings of his Blast Master Therion persona, on 'Street Astrology'.

As usual Noah's offering his latest collection of slightly unhinged, metaphysical microphonics, assisted by friends from far and wide on both rhymes and beats, for download on a "pay what you want" basis.

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At 10:55 PM on 08/24/14
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