Sony PlayStation Plus

Yesterday, for no particular reason, I decided I should invest in a membership in Sony's PlayStation Plus service.

If you're not aware, it's a subscription-based service that gives members access to free game downloads, game previews, discounts on items in the PlayStation store, online saves, and other junk.

So far I've downloaded the recent reboot of 'Tomb Raider', and bank-heist FPS 'Pay Day 2', with more free downloads on the way.

That means my one year subscription to PlayStation Plus, which cost just under $50, has already paid for itself!

PlayStation Plus has our full endorsement.

PlayStation Plus
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At 07:29 PM on 03/25/14
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I used to listen to Apathy rhyme on Connecticut college radio about 20 years ago.

His output as a recording artist since then has been a bit hit and miss with me.

I ain't mad at his newest single, "The Grand Leveler", or the video, where he represents for the Widow's Son something fierce.

"The Grand Leveler" is from Ap's forthcoming record 'Connecticut Casual', which is out June 3rd on Dirty Version Records.

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At 07:06 PM on 03/25/14
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Veteran Ohio emcee/beatmaker Blueprint plays a serial killer who hunts record collectors for their breakbeats in the new video for the title track to his new LP "Respect the Architect".

'Respect the Architect', which features gust spots from Illogic and Count Bass D, is due out, in a myriad of formats, April 22nd, via Blueprint's own Weightless Records imprint.

Weightless Records
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At 06:58 PM on 03/25/14
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Today marks the release of 'Burial at Sea: Episode Two', the last piece of 'BioShock Infinite' DLC, and the final hurrah for the Irrational Games studio, which was shuttered by it's founder Ken Levin earlier this year.

'BioShock Infinite'
remains my favorite gaming title of 2013, and the 'Burial at Sea' content, which has brought the story full circle, back to the underwater city of Rapture from the first and second games, has only bolstered my satisfaction with the latest entry in the 'BioShock' series.

'Episode One' ended on a shocking cliffhanger, so I'm pretty excited to see where this entry, which focuses on Elizabeth, who you now play as, takes the twisted tale where there's always a lighthouse, a man, and a city.

It's already downloaded and waiting on my PS3 now.

'BioShock Infinite'
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At 06:45 PM on 03/25/14
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The kids in RATKING are just a few of the young artists held up as poster children for a supposed resurgence of underground New York Rap over the last few years.

They're finally poised to release their debut album, and if their newest single "So Sick Stories" is any indication, convert a ton of fans to their cause in the process.

The track features a chorus from their homie, UK Punk-Hop crooner King Krule, in addition to the mindbendingly diverse flows of group members Wiki and Hak.

It's a style of Hip-Hop that hasn't made a lot of noise outside its own little niche in a while, so it's refreshing to hear it get cats excited on a world wide level.

RATKINGS's debut album 'So It Goes' is out April 8th via Hot Charity/XL Records.

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At 09:22 PM on 03/22/14
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New York Art-Rapstress and self-proclaimed "Nature Slut" Bunny Michael, formerly Bunny Rabbit, has returned!

The latest from the "Telepathic Goddess from the Future" is the sexy and slightly supernatural video for the Punk-Rap rave up "Holy Holy".

She drops her new solo EP, titled 'Rainbow Licker', on March 25th via the Separate Reality Records label.

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At 10:02 PM on 03/18/14
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To be perfectly honest my reaction to A$AP Ferg's debut LP 'Trap Lord' has been pretty lukewarm.

So much so that I almost didn't watch the video for his newest single "Let it Go".

Thankfully I didn't make that mistake, as I would've missed out on ninjas, superpowers, an albino, and rocket-launching Carhart jackets.

Sure, the song is still just okay, but visually this shit is classic material.

The YouTube comments, where kids are loving the song but hating the video, are something else though.

A$AP Ferg
Posted by El Keter
At 09:31 PM on 03/18/14
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