Franco-Cuban twin sisters Naomi and Lisa Kainde-Diaz of Ibeyi return with more downtempo voodoo beats on their new single and video "The River".

The visuals, courtesy of director Ed Morris, are striking, and suit the song, a jittery, thumping, Jazz inflected evocation of the Orisha Oshun, replete with hand drums and Yoruba chants, to a "t".

Check for their debut single the 'Oya EP', featuring "Oya" backed with "The River", which is out now on the XL Recordings label.

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Atlanta Rap crew EarthGang call out all the weak ass bullshit the industry and their media puppets in radio and the blogosphere pump to the masses on "The F Bomb".

I don't mind rowdy motherfuckers getting a little ignant, as long as they can rhyme and their shit is dope, both of which apply to these cats right here, but not necessarily to the illiterate bullshit we've been getting spoonfed by the industry of late.

If you're digging EarthGang's style and are a fan of that creative Atlanta spirit embodied by the Dungeon Family and the now defunt indie crew Supreeme, peep their album 'Shallow Graves for Toys'.

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Armand Hammer, the supergroup comprised of Billy Woods and Elucid, dropped their newest project, an EP titled 'Furtive Movements', today.

As a bit of a reminder, they also slapped the internet in its fucking face with a Billy Woods edited video for the slitheringly funky and blisteringly smart cut "CRWNS".

Seriously, this shit is not for the stupid, or fans of the weak ass shit that the media passes off as "Hip-Hop" most of the time nowadays.

'Furtive Movements' is out now on Backwoodz Studioz.

Armand Hammer
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I usually don't post videos that aren't actually videos. But we here at Imageyenation are longtime supporters of all things Daptone, and pretty much anything involving a crazy bearded wizard. So, I'm posting this shit.

It's new music from The Budos Band, titled "The Sticks", from their forthcoming album 'Burnt Offering'. It finds the crew tempering their horn-fueled Afro-Funk and hardcore breakbeats with dirty Acid-Rock influenced riffage and some deep deep psychadelia.

You can expect more of the same from 'Burnt Offering' when it drops on October 21st on the Daptone Records label.

The Budos Band
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This week's Monday Magick entry, the 1973 single "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Franco-American band King Harvest, probably doesn't stand out as being particularly "occult" or "spooky". And while it definitely isn't "spooky", the song's joyous celebration of a group of folks who gather when the moon "gets big and bright" to dance under the night sky in a manner that is both "fine and natural" and "a supernatuiral delight" evokes certain aspects of the rituals of the ancient witch cults. It also brings to mind the spirit of clubbing, but that's a whole other discussion.

The members of King Harvest, with their long hair, beards, and freaky threads sure look like the type of Hippy/Biker cats who might get down with some weird nighttime forest activities. They don't however look like the kind of dudes who would be responsible for one of the smoothest Soft-Rock jams of all time. I guess the power of the beard to make anything cool was particularly strong with these dudes.

Music is magick.
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I can't say I'm some huge fan of current gen Dungeon Fam rapper Future. I caught his big "coming out" when OutKast brought him out during their Coachella set and just wanted it to end. But his new single and video "Coupe" goes hard.

"Coupe" is a bass heavy slumper that was made for the rides with speakers in the trunk. And the animated video matches the tone of the track perfectly while managing to elicit a couple of laughs. Both come courtesy of [adult swim] and their single series.

You can download "Coupe" from the [adult swim] SoundCloud now.

[adult swim]
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You probably know Cartoon Hangover as the home to 'Adventure Time' creator Pendleton Ward's outer space adventure tale 'Bravest Warriors'.

They produce a bunch of other fresh to def shit too though, including their Too Cool! Cartoons series, which has given us the stoopid def short 'Manly' from Jesse and Justin Moynihan!

It's about crazy space Gods, war, sibling rivalry, asshole fathers, a wicked awesome, super violent, super sensitive young heroine with a weird sidekick who lives in her fanny pack, and deep, deep philosophizing.

I love the shit out of it, and think there really needs to be a 'Manly' series.

Cartoon Hangover
Jesse Moynihan
Justin Moynihan
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