This week the Clandestine Transmission gets back on that Sunday schedule after a detour to Tuesday over the last few weeks.

Listen as your hosts El Keter and Emeyesi drop nothing but BRAND ASS-SPANKIN' NEW Hip-Hop joints for about an hour.

They also get lost in a loop of innuendo, reminisce about Busta Rhymes' purple Land Cruiser, announce the launch of a new website, expose Emeyesi's dad's mustache's possible involvement in narcotrafficing, keep pushing "Steph Curry" as the new slang, and discuss Kobe Bryant's retirement, how Michael Jordan ruined the NBA, why basketbrawls just don't happen any more, and a lot more, with trademark hilarity!

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1. Spark Master Tape "All About the Money"
2. Lone "Backtail Was Heavy"
3. DJ Shadow "Nobody Speak" feat. Run the Jewels
4. ScHoolboy Q "Groovy Tony"
5. Dibia$e "Play Time is Over"
6. A$AP Nast, A$AP Twelvyy and A$AP Rocky "Presidents"
7. A$AP Ferg "Let it Bang" feat. ScHoolboy Q
8. Folding City "Spacewalk (Doctor Jeep Remix)"
9. Yoni & Geti "Lunchline"

CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION//Vol. 24, April 17th, 2016 feat. EL KETER & EMEYESI (.MP3)

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At 11:38 AM on 04/17/16
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Spark Master Tape - Silhouette of a Sunkken City

Spark Master Tape, the rapper/producer known for his bass-heavy chopped-n-screwed esthetic is finally back with the long-awaited follow-up to 2013's 'The #SWOUP Serengeti', a 22-track LP titled 'Silhouette of a Sunkken City'!

Fans of Spark Master Tape's signature low-end-laden beats, pitch-shifted vocals, almost cartoonishly thugged-out subject matter, and shockingly poignant lyricism will not be disappointed.

Hopefully he won't make us wait so long for another serving of the #SWOUP next time.

Download it now for free via Dat Piff below.

Spark Master Tape

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At 06:42 PM on 04/16/16
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I literally sat here with my jaw hanging open in shock and amazement while watching the new trailer for the forthcoming cinematic adaption of Marvel Comics' 'Doctor Strange'.

Everything looks absolutely fucking incredible, and the fact that one of the taglines used in the trailer is "change your reality" made me quite literally clap out loud!

After all, the classic definition of magick is "exercising the will to change one's reality".

And that shot at the end with the cape and the window?

The film, which was directed by Scott Derrickson and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Mads Mikkelsen is out November 4th.

I can't wait.

'Doctor Strange'

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At 05:25 PM on 04/13/16
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I choose to believe that "Drone Bomb Me", the new single from ANOHNI (formerly Antony Hegerty, of Antony and the Johnsons) is not about what it's actually about and therefore not as heavy-handed as it actually is.

It just works too well as a sexy Electro-R&B number to let it go down as a dedication to Obama blowing the shit out of people.

"Drone Bomb Me" is from ANOHNI's forthcoming all electronic LP, 'HOPELESSNESS', which was recorded in collaboration with Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never and is due out May 6th on Secretly Canadian.


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At 04:40 PM on 04/13/16
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The last few months have seen some weird ups and downs here on Monday Magick. Those mood and tone shifts have largely been inspired by my personal life and my feelings about magick as it relates to my daily experience. This week I'd like to get back to the more analytical tone I've frequently taken in this space in the past though. And I plan do so by revisiting "Magic Doors" from Bristol, England-bred Trip-Hop pioneers Portishead's 2008 LP 'Third'.

"Magic Doors" earned this feature in the easiest way possible; it had "magic" in the title. But repeated listens to the song—with it's fractured, almost Meters-esque drum break, cowbell, droney Middle Eastern-inspired instrumentation, dramatic piano chords, and Free-Jazz horn breakdown—revealed deeper layers of relevance to the practitioner of "the dark arts". The lyrics reference change, transformation, desire (a term which is inextricably linked with "the will", a concept that is all important to magick), dreams, and disassociation of the self. That last subject—disassociation—is intrinsic to many forms of magick—from the shamanism of the ancients to the "mind control" techniques unleashed by the MK Ultra program—and the process of initiation in general. When vocalist Beth Gibbons belts the words "I can't deny what I've become", "I can't be someone else", "I'm losing myself" and "I can't divide or hide from me, I don't know who I am" it may sound to some like she's just voicing confusion and unhappiness. But to the initiated it sounds more like a magician wrestling with their experiences both magickal and mundane, and the personality split that is often required of those who engage in magickal thinking and are forced to confront "the dark night of the soul", "The Abyss", Chapel Perilous, or the demon Choronzon. Ego death is never easy. But it never sounded so funky.

Portishead released 'Third' in 2008 after making fans wait over ten years between it and the release of their monumental eponymously titled sophomore LP in 1997. It's been eight years since then and they still haven't released a follow-up. If history is any indication we probably have a lot more waiting to do.

Music is magick!

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At 06:12 PM on 04/11/16
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ScHoolboy Q abandons the bucket-hat and takes thuggin' to all new and totally supernatural heights in the video for his cold-as-fuck new single "Groovy Tony".

"Groovy Tony" is the first single from Q's still-untitled forthcoming follow-up to 2014's outstanding 'Oxymoron', which is due out this year.

ScHoolboy Q

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At 01:54 PM on 04/09/16
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Robots are brought to life, with sexy results, in the new clip for Disco-Pop groover "My Toy" from French Electro act Breakbot.

"My Toy" is from Breakbot's sophomore LP 'Still Waters', which is out now on Ed Banger Records.


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At 01:48 PM on 04/09/16
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For the second week in a row the Clandestine Transmission is uploading a podcast episode on a Tuesday night instead of a Sunday morning!

I'd call it an "all new" episode, but the truth is your hosts El Keter and Emeyesi opted to bring you a "yesterday" and "today" episode that is about the "old" AND the "new" this week as they play some hot "not-so-new" cuts they've just never had the chance to play before in addition to a handful of fresh brand new-ish joints!

They also offer up their catchphrase-generating services, explain what it means to get "Post Malone-ed" (or "White Iverson-ed"), discuss El Keter's NBA obsession, pitch a few television ideas, talk more shit about the Tidal streaming service, and introduce you to some new slang that's sure to take over the streets!

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1. Serengeti "Erotic City"
2. Desiigner "Panda (Instrumental)"
3. Kali Uchis "Ridin' Round"
4. 18+ "Crow (Audri Nix Remix)"
5. Cooly G "What This World Needs Now"
6. Archy Marshall "Sex With Nobody"
7. Junior Boys "You Say That"
8. Neon Indian "Smut!"
9. Breakbot "2Good4Me"
10. Shigeto "Do My Thing"
11. SBTRKT "Bury You" feat. The-Dream

CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION//Vol. 23, April 5th, 2016 feat. EL KETER & EMEYESI (.MP3)

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At 09:17 PM on 04/05/16
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Over the last few weeks I've been trying to keep things light here on Monday Magick. But this week we're gonna get back to the darkness you've probably come to expect from our weekly magickal musical feature. Well...sort of. Ya see, "Where Evil Grows", the 1971 Psychedelic Folk-Pop single from co-ed Canadian duo The Poppy Family is still kind of light, even though it's totally all about "evil".

Let's face it, despite the devilish title, "Where Evil Grows" is probably a parable about the "dangers" of casual sex. According to the lyrics "evil grows in the dark, where the sun never shines"...Evil grows in "cracks and holes"...Evil "is a part of you" which "grows" whenever the male narrator "looks at" you ...if ya know what I'm sayin'? Maybe I'm way off base here? But the metaphor feels pretty heavy-handed to me. Just about the only other thing "heavy" about "Where Evil Grows" is the diabolical keyboard riff that opens the song and the instrumental break that comes in around a minute and twenty five seconds into the track which prefigures the Grunge sound pioneered by Nirvana about twenty years later. In case you're wondering how the "evils" of sticking growing appendages into dark orifices fall under the subject of "magick" (if you don't know that all magick is sexual, and all sex magickal I don't know what to tell you) the final verse of the song finds lead vocalist Terry Jacks waxing Thelemic by pledging not to violate the "will" of his sexual/magickal partner. So there.

"Where Evil Grows" was taken from The Poppy Family's second and final LP 'Poppy Seeds' which was released by London Records in 1971. 'Poppy Seeds' remains a bit of a vinyl rarity and has apparently not made it to modern music formats. Group members Susan and Terry Jacks both went on to release solo albums. Terry is perhaps still best remembered for his hit single from 1974 "Seasons in the Sun".

Music is magick!

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At 09:05 PM on 04/04/16
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A bearded man, his skull, a sexy girl, strange rituals and mysterious hooded figures feature in this lo-fi home movie-style clip for pounding Electro-Rock anthem "Schedel" from Amsterdam-based "Doom-Pop" act Jonkoklapper!

"Schedel"—which translates to English as "Skull"—is from Jonkoklapper's self-tiled debut album which is due out April 7th.


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At 03:48 PM on 04/03/16
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Spark Master Tape delivers more staggeringly surreal street visuals, and gets censored by the Illuminati for it, in the new video for "Tenkkeys", a trap-meets-boom-bap concoction of trunk-denting 808 bass and expertly chosen samples.

"Tenkkeys" is from Spark's still forthcoming 'Silhouette of a Sunkken City', which is no due out April 15th.

Spark Master Tape

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At 07:53 PM on 03/30/16
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Normally we upload new episodes of the podcast on Sundays, but this week we didn't even start recording this fucker until Sunday night!

So, what can you expect from this very special Tuesday night edition of the Clandestine Transmission you might be asking?

Your hosts El Keter and Emeyesi play a ton of new independent and "underground" Hip-Hop, a few bass-heavy beats, and some Rap shit that'll make you want to go to "the trap" and sell some crack!

We also discuss "full body denim", the importance of fiber and hydration to the podcast's "regularity", and why the recent passing of Phife from A Tribe Called Quest should make you want to slap a soda out of someone you love's hand!

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Receive it!


1. Open Mike Eagle "Dang is Invincible"
2. MONO/POLY "The Fuckin' Real"
3. J-Zone "Go Back to Sellin' Weed"
4. Your Old Droog "42 (Forty Deuce)"
5. Point Point "Life in Grey"
6. Spark Master Tape "Livin' Lavish"
7. A$AP Ferg "New Level" feat. Future
8. Desiigner "Panda"
9. Fatima Al Qadiri "Breach"
10. NOAH23 "Mystery"

CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION//Vol. 22, March 29th, 2016 feat. EL KETER & EMEYESI (.MP3)

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The last few weeks have been pretty fucking terrible. As such I've made a handful of attempts at posting "feel good" songs in this space rather than the dark-n-gloomy shit Monday Magick is often known for. Sadly, last week ended with a real kick in the gut. As such, this week's entry, "I Believe in You" from LA-based-but-Portland-bred Synthpop act YACHT's 2007 LP 'I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real.' is going to continue the trend by being unbelievably upbeat to make up for how crappy my life is.

Built around plucky repetitive Punk-inspired guitars and rinky-dink organs that ride waves of deep programmed bass, "I Believe in You" splits the difference between live-band Indie Rock and studio-whiz-kid Electronica. Vocally and lyrically it owes something to the surreal goofiness and arty nerdiness of groundbreaking Indie/Alternative acts like the Talking Heads, the B-52's, and They Might Be Giants with its narrator, YACHT frontman Jona Bechtolt, spewing forth a silly stream of conscious line of hypothetical questions designed to inspire more magickal thinking and behavior in the listener. The real magick however comes from the chorus, where a sweet female vocal intones via a catchy-as-hell melody that "Your magic's real" and asks "why aren't you using it" before assuring us that "the magic" inside us "is infinite". The positivity of being urged "not to worry" about using one's inner magic, that we can use it to literally reshape our reality and "have the world to yourself", and that that magic is "infinite" is practically overwhelming. Over the years YACHT have slipped a lot of magickal messages into their music, but "I Believe in You" is particularly magickal in the most life affirming way possible.

When it was released in 2007 I assumed that the title 'I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real.' was drawn from Michael Jackson's then-recent MTV Awards speech where he made a similar declaration while thanking street magician David Blaine. After several years and several very magickal releases from YACHT which have belied a deeper understanding of the occult in general and Illuminism in particular I'm not so sure. Their most recent record, 'I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler' was released late last year. They're on tour through the Spring.

Music is magick.

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Watch A$AP Ferg and guests ScHoolboy, Meechy Dark of Flatbush ZOMBiES, and Young Dirty Bastard get their vintage '90s thug shit on in the new video for the grimy-ass banger "Let it Bang"!

"Let it Bang" is from Ferg's forthcoming sophomore LP 'Always Strive And Prosper' which is due out April 22nd.

A$AP Ferg

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At 10:30 PM on 03/26/16
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Natasha Khan, better known as Bat For Lashes, goes looking for the divine in the desert in the new clip for her thudding and thrumming piano and synth-driven single "In God's House".

"In God's House" is from the London-bred songstresses forthcoming fourth studio album 'The Bride', which is due out June 1st via the Parlophone label.

The video is dope, but I actually liked the audio preview clip a hell of a lot too.

Bat For Lashes

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