Magnolia Pictures' 'The ABCs of Death', a 2012 horror anthology that featured 26 short subjects from a whole host of directors depicting death in it's myriad of forms, was a ton of grisly fun.

They're dipping back into that blood-filled well again with a sequel, 'ABCs of Death 2', which will give another 26 or so directors the opportunity to display their ideas about death in the goriest, and most alphabetical, way possible.

Feel the splatter via Video on Demand services on October 2nd and in theatres on October 31st.

'ABCs of Death 2'
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When Malik Ameer sent me his hand-pressed CDR album 'The Nightmare' a decade and a half ago I had no inkling I'd still be talking about his music this many years on. But it's a testament to his natural talent and growth as both a person and an artist over the years that I've still got nothing but positive things to say about the man and his music.

With "Subterranean Sutra: God before zeus." Malik joins the ranks of Shabazz Palaces, Jeremiah Jae, Run the Jewels and a handful of others making Rap music so real it could've come from the "true-school", but so modern as to seem "futuristic". The beat pounds, blanketed in dissonant synths, as Amneer authoritatively barks out clues to finding the ultimate solution to the worldly problems he once enumerated so powerfully on his earlier output, surrounded by sampled tribal chants and hand-drumming. The result is something that feels timeless, like it could've blasted from boombox speakers in '89 or might be beamed from a spaceship by aliens centuries from now. I would have listened to this, and pored over the slivers of science embedded in the lyrics, when I was 12. The fact that I dig it just as much now at 36 says a lot.

Close to 20 years deep in this Rap game, Malik Ameer is putting out that next level, raw, conscious Hip-Hop shit for 2014 and beyond.

Malik Ameer
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This week's Monday Magick comes from Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear, a late 60's Psyche/Folk experiment fronted by Western Massachusetts native Roger Salloom. The tune, "Marie La Peau", comes from the group's self-titled 1969 LP, which they cut for the short-lived Chess Records subsidiary Cadet Concept.

An ode to a life-altering lady or mystery, the 8+ minute jam "Marie La Peau" references New Orleans hoodoo, and several other icons of psycho-magick, and sort of splits the difference between Bob Dylan's talkin' style and the proto-Jam Band sound of The Grateful Dead, while also freaking an ill baroque breakdown. It's a lot groovier than some of our other, more eldritch, selections, and firmly links the grand magickal tradition with the psychedelic hippie experience.

While Salloom and co-lead Robin Sinclair continued to record, both together and solo, through the years, this was the Mother Bear's sole release.

Music is magick.
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The other night a young female friend of the Imageyenation family happened to be hanging out here at HQ when I played "So it Goes", the new video from New York's RATKING, on the big screen. She looked up from whatever she was doing and asked "Are they kids? They look like kids."

I don't know what that means. But I do know "So it Goes" is one of the doper tracks off RATKING's thoroughly dope debut LP that also happens to be titled 'So it Goes'. I also think they probably totally qualify as "kids" to my old ass.

Their record is out now on XL, and they're about to go out on the road in support of El-P and Killer Mike's group Run the Jewels. I'll be seeing them in Boston on Black Friday.

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Directed by Adan Jodorowsky and starring his brother Cristóbal Jodorowsky and giallo director Dario's daughter Asia Argento, 'The Voice Theif', looks like a surreal experience that certainly bears the stamp of influence of the Jodorowsky family patriarch, cult filmmaker and "psycho-magician" Alejandro.

The film, which follows a husband's quest to find a new voice for his opera-singer bride after causing her to lose hers, was finished in 2013 and has been making the festival rounds of late, sometimes shown in conjunction with Alejandro's autobigraphical 'La Danza de la Realidad', but hasn't seen an official wide release yet.

It doesn't have an official website either.
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Blahzé Misfits - Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band

Blahzé Misfits 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' (.ZIP)

The unsolicited e-mail I received alerting me to New York-area Rap crew Blahzé Misfits' new record/mixtape 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' described the project as "a darkly comedic record from two rappers w/ an obsession with the occult, vaudeville and personality disorders." That shit sounded right up my alley, so I downloaded it immediately and decided right then and there I'd cover it here on the blog.

A few days later and I still know very little about Blahzé Misfits other than the fact that they're comprised of two emcees, Ly Moula and Georgie Jessel, and that Ly Moula is an alias for producer Lyle Horowitz. That in and of itself is relatively meaningless as I have no idea who the fuck any of those people are. I do however know that the group is carrying on the tradition of "weirdo Rap" pioneers like Das Racist, Plastic Little, Serengeti, and J-Zone, and 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' is a lot of fun.

You can own your own copy of 'Colonel Custard's Lonely Dick Pic Band' right now for free via the duo's BandCamp page. Grab it, and their previous project 'As Fate Would Have It', and wonder how a Rap group can exist in 2014 with such a minimal presence on the internet and social media.

Blahzé Misfits
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Don't let the calendar fool you. It might say September in bold letters. But the thermometer, which is hitting a sultry 90 degrees today, is still screaming "SUMMER!"

That sort of sweaty weather calls for some music designed to make you sweat. So I present Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro's Pearls Negras and their bass bumping, body pumping, party starter "Make it Last".

This is the same kind of lo-fi, throwback production, biting elements from Bass music, House, and Club, we came to expect from the Baile Funk genre several years back. It's equal measures Salt-N-Pepa, JJ Fad, and Technotronic.

Put this one on at your next "Summer's Not Over" get-together and watch the party people get wet. And don't forget to check out the teenage trio's 'Biggie Apple' mixtape at the BOLABO link below.

Pearls Negras
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