Robert Anton Wilson

Today is the anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest thinkers to grace this planet with his presence, Robert Anton Wilson.

Happy birthday Bob!

Robert Anton Wilson
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At 06:47 PM on 01/18/15
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When Motown's in-house backup band The Funk Brothers were showcased in a documentary several years ago they called 'Standing in the Shadow of Motown'.

The new documentary about The Wrecking Crew, a group of studio musicians responsible for the music on countless Pop, Rock, and Soul classics, might as well be called 'Standing in the Shadow of Everybody'.

Simply titled 'The Wrecking Crew', the Magnolia Pictures/Magnet Releasing film is out in theatres, on demand, and on VOD, March 13th.

'The Wrecking Crew'
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At 01:49 PM on 01/18/15
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"When Lucifer fell, he did not fall alone."

One of my favorite television programs of the last year, Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful', is returning for a second season!

Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett will be back to creep us all out on Sunday, April 26th at 10 PM ET/PT.

'Penny Dreadful'
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At 12:50 PM on 01/18/15
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While everybody pegs dancer turned singer/songwriter FKA twigs as "experimental" she's making some of the purest, sexiest, most emotionally naked Slow Jams of our era.

Her newest single "Pendulum" brings the sub-genre's signature loin-vibrating bass, jittery beats, whispery crooning, and hushed falsetto in almost confusingly enormous quantities.

The self-directed video clip mixes a sort-of retro, over the top, Hype Williams cgi style with some very purposeful, intricately staged bondage/S&M imagery.

I especially like how you can see the impressions made on her skin by the ropes in one position still visible when she's repositioned in another unbelievable pose.

"Pendulum" is from FKA twigs debut album, 'LP1', which is still available via the Young Turks label.

FKA twigs
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At 12:42 PM on 01/18/15
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We haven't heard from blog favorite Nedelle Torrisi since the first week of this site's relaunch.

That post was about the first single from her then forthcoming self-titled LP.

This post is about her newest single from that LP, a downtempo, bass-heavy, Tropical balled called "Don't Play Dumb".

Apparently she infiltrated a Target store in order to film certain portions of the video.

Her seventh album, 'Nedelle Torrisi', is still available from digital retailers.

Nedelle Torrisi
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At 10:09 PM on 01/14/15
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Saint Louis-bred crooner Coultrain quotes the 'Ghostbusters 2' theme and flashes some Alchemical symbolism in the his new self-directed video for the Industrial-Soul ballad "Kiss of Death".

"Kiss of Death" is the lead-off track from Coultrain's new EP, the Black Spade-produced 'Side Effex Of Make Believe; divided for love's sake', which is available at digital retailers now via Fresh Selects.

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At 09:24 PM on 01/14/15
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The new Young Replicant-directed video for Flying Lotus' song "Coronus, The Terminator" kinda has me kicking myself for not including his 'You're Dead!' LP on my 2014 "best of" list.

Yes, the list is coming.

Sadly I just didn't keep 'You're Dead!' in heavy enough rotation for it to compete with some of the heavily played records that did make the list.

That said, this shit has proven that FlyLo knows some shit about life, death, and the journey of the human consciousness.

If you don't own 'You're Dead!', cop it now, on Warp Records.

Flying Lotus
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At 09:11 PM on 01/14/15
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