This week Monday Magick makes a grandiose return with a tune from one of my favorite bands, and one with the potential to make repeat appearances here, Athens, Georgia Indie-Pop collective of Montreal. Essentially a project showcasing the songwriting and musicianship of Kevin Barnes with a rotating cast of supporting characters, the band has undergone several permutations. The tune in question, "Gronlandic Edit" from 2007's 'Hissing Fauna, Are the Destroyer?', came amidst a time of deep emotional upheaval on Barnes' part. The song surely alludes to that distress while also addressing several deeper concepts to which Barnes returns to repeatedly throughout his career.

In my mind those "deeper concepts" I mention are intrinsically illuminist in nature, making "Gronlandic Editt" a fine candidate for discussion in a Monday Magick post. Sure, Barnes is dealing with relationship issues stemming from his coupling with Nina Twin, the birth of their daughter Alabee Blonde, an ever evolving identity crisis that would play out over his next few albums, and chemical imbalance. But when he expresses a tortured desire to personally experience the divine while simultaneously slagging traditional religions and their adherents I can't help but hear someone reaching towards transcendental illumination. And when he goes on to describe a battle between the beauty of a personal religious experience brought down to Earth by the physics of the "real world" while also offering his assistance in breaking others out of the logogram cycle I hear someone who's already experienced transcendental illumination. But then in the finale he questions himself and his ability to enlighten others by allowing his fans to experience the beauty of illumination through the simple act of performing his own music. Hunchbacks and soldiers all over!

As I mentioned above, Barnes traverses similar territory on both previous and subsequent of Montreal albums and I may highlight those songs in the future. He's currently preparing the band's 13th studio LP 'Aureate Gloom', which already sounds fantastic, and is due out on Polyvinyl Records on March 3rd.

Music is magick!
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Stumbled across new music from UK Hip-Hop label High Focus the other day in the form of "Lord of the Light (Sun Riddim)" from young London based emcee Onoe Caponoe.

He's clearly on some tripped-out, drug-influenced, psychedelic shit and is likely to find favor with fans of the OFGKTA crew, and RATKING, not to mention with longtime listeners of Wu-Tang Clan, Madlib, The Pharcyde, and the Boot Camp Click.

His album, 'Voices From Planet Cattele', is available for purchase now at the High Focus Records website.

As a bonus, here's a video for "Disappearing Jakob" another one of the young chap's tunes.

High Focus
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Noah23 X Blown


Canadian emcee Noah23 and Nasvhille beatmakers Blown went with the classic Pen & Pixel style cover art for their self-titled collaborative effort.

They also manifest "many styles, many styles" (from straight-forward boom-bap to some jittery neo-2-Step shit) like Cut Monitor Milo on the "Scenario" remix back in the day.

If a cassette tape is more your speed the album will be available on limited edition cassette tape from Candy Drips really soon.

You can also look forward to another album from Noah23 coming in early March of this year.

Candy Drips
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The psychedelic imagery in the video clip for Brooklyn trio EULA's "Noose" caught my eye big time.

While the song, a pounding piece of droney but melodic Art-Rock/Noise-Rock/Post-Punk/whatever, is pretty far-out in it's own right.

"Noose" is from the band's sophomore LP 'Wool Sucking', out March 3rd via Famous Swords/Mirror Universe.

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This blog's longtime love-affair with Swedish Pop music may have just been rekindled thanks to Personal Trainers and their single "Show Me Love".

No, they didn't cover the 1993 House classic by Robin S, rather the duo, comprised of Peter Morén & Tobias Isaksson, delivered a slick and satisfying slice of '80s flavored Sophisti-Pop that'd make the likes of Everything But the Girl and The Style Council proud.

The single is out now courtesy of our old friends at the Hybris recording label.

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Produced in part by 'Hobo With a Shotgun' director Jason Eisener, 'Turbo Kid' is a "post-apocalyptic BMX action splatter comedy" about a kid coming of age in a dystopian future that happened in the past?


It's currently playing at Sundance, with a wider release to (hopefully) follow.

'Turbo Kid'
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The Ice King

Sorry folks, but due to the "Historic East Coast Blizzard" happening right now Monday Magick will be taking this week off.

We'll be back with another entry of our magickal musical feature next week.
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