Goats, the animals, are great because they faint out of the blue, can walk on almost any surface, and scream like insane people.

GOAT, the band, are great because their "Hide From the Sun" video, with it's kooky costumers and magickal imagery, is freaking me right the fuck out!

"Hide From the Sun" is from the cryptic Swedish collective's recentrecord 'Commune', out now on Sub Pop.


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Beards, drugs, dancing, and emotion.

That's what the Ben Hernstrom-directed clip for Ennui's "Summer of Love" is all about.

"Summer of Love" is from the Pittsburgh-based Synthpop musician's recent LP 'Telepathic Beat', which is out now on Mush Record.

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Spaced-out Country/Lounge outfit Timber Timbre honor the traditions of high weirdness in the new Leblanc + Cudmore-made video for their tune "Grand Canyon".

"Grand Canyon" is from the recent album 'Hot Dreams', which is out now on the Arts & Crafts recording label.

Timber Timbre
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I've never played any of the 'Far Cry' games, but the more I see of Ubisoft's newest entry in the series, 'Far Cry 4', the more I feel like I might need to play this shit.

Elephants, sadhus, magic tigers, a color festival, leopards, a crazed dictator, shooting while driving flying and falling all over the fucking place?

Just seems like it would be right up my alley.

'Far Cry 4' hits stores on November 18th and will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

'Far Cry'
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I could've posted about 'Assasin's Creed Unity', Ubisoft's first entry in their long0running historic fantasy series for so-called "next-gen" consoles a few months ago. But there were just too many goddamn trailers out there floating around touting the game's groundbreaking graphics and gameplay that I just couldn't choose which one to share!

Now that we're less than a month away from the game's November 11th street date I figure I'd share my excitement for this new iteration of the beloved franchise. It takes place during the French Revolution and boasts a whole host of new features, including downward free-running, a dedicated stealth button, and a re-vamped co-op system, amongst many others.

I need to get my pre-order in like yesterday.

'Assassin's Creed'
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Our month-long tribute to "Season of the Witch" continues in this week's Monday Magick with a 1969 cover courtesy of Soul crooner Lou Rawls. Known primarily for his sophisticated soulful Pop sides for Capitol and later Philadelphia International, "Season of the Witch" remains a standout in Lou Rawls catalog.

This version of Donovan's classic, occult-leaning, composition, which appeared on Rawls' 'The Way it Was The Way it Is' LP, is one of my personal favorites, due in no small part to the production acumen of Capitol Records' studio wizard David Axelrod. His work here definitely favors the sort of Soul/Jazz fusion stuff he did for Cannonball Adderly at the label, but the psychedelic flourishes present certainly point to what he'd do later with The Electric Prunes, and as a solo artist.

Outside of this odd but oh-so-funky cover of "Season of the Witch" I've never known Rawls to have any overt connection with magick or the occult. While Axelrod certainly showed his own affinities for such matters as he delved into liturgical music and music inspired by the works of William Blake over the years.

Music is magick!
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Apparently when Hail Mary Mallon emcees Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic aren't twisting tongues and bending minds with lyrics they're hanging out in tree-houses and escaping from straight jackets.

At least that's what the story the new video clip for "Kiln", the latest track from their forthcoming sophomore album 'Bestiary', would seem to be telling.

'Bestiary' is out November 11th via Rhymesayers.

Hail Mary Mallon
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