"When Lucifer fell, he did not fall alone."

One of my favorite television programs of the last year, Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful', is returning for a second season!

Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett will be back to creep us all out on Sunday, April 26th at 10 PM ET/PT.

'Penny Dreadful'
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Over the weekend filmmaker David Lynch posted the following on Twitter.

Which lead some to wonder if he might not be cooking up a return to the sleepy mountain town with the strange residents and spooky secrets.

Then, earlier today, he posted the Tweet below.

Stocks in coffee and pie (and Showtime) are about to go through the roof.
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You probably know Cartoon Hangover as the home to 'Adventure Time' creator Pendleton Ward's outer space adventure tale 'Bravest Warriors'.

They produce a bunch of other fresh to def shit too though, including their Too Cool! Cartoons series, which has given us the stoopid def short 'Manly' from Jesse and Justin Moynihan!

It's about crazy space Gods, war, sibling rivalry, asshole fathers, a wicked awesome, super violent, super sensitive young heroine with a weird sidekick who lives in her fanny pack, and deep, deep philosophizing.

I love the shit out of it, and think there really needs to be a 'Manly' series.

Cartoon Hangover
Jesse Moynihan
Justin Moynihan
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At 02:06 PM on 08/03/14
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Aaron McGruder, creator of 'The Boondocks', is bringing the most anticipated comeback in history to the [adult swim] network with his new show 'Black Jesus'.

While I always dug McGruder's 'The Boondocks' comic strip I've never been able to get into the cartoon series at all. This shit though...This shit looks like classic material!

'Black Jesus' premiers this Thursday, August 7th, at 11 PM on the [adult swim] cable network.

[adult swim]
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His style is impetuous. His defense is impregnable. He's ferocious. He wants your heart. He wants to eat your children. And now, Mike Tyson has got his own cartoon show!

'Mike Tyson Mysteries' will feature the former champ in a half-hour adult animated series in the style of Ruby-Spears Saturday morning 'Mr. T' program from the '80s.

It's set to debut on [adult swim] in the fall, featuring the voice talents of Rachel Ramras, Jim Rash of 'Community' fame, Norm McDonald, and none other than Mike Tyson himself!

[adult swim]
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So, NBC is taking a crack at adapting D.C. Comics' Alan Moore (sorry Alan) created 'Hellblazer' series with a new program following the exploits of magician John Constantine titled (what else?) 'Constantine'.

I didn't hate the big-screen adaptation of 'Constantine' starring Keanu Reeves, despite the fact that they Americanized the character, mostly for it's stellar supporting cast. Tilda Swinton is always a favorite, as is Peter Stormare whose turn as The Devil is one of my favorite silver screen depictions of Old Scratch.

And while NBC doesn't have a great track record with things like this (other than 'Hannibal') and usually backs away from heavier content (except for 'Hannibal') this isn't looking too bad. In fact, it feels an awful lot like a show I love, 'Supernatural', which is hilarious since that show's angelic protagonist Castiel is a tribute to the John Constantine character.

Anyway, I'm holding out hope they get this right this time and don't shy away from making the material dark, magical, and weird. Like I said, it's the New Bavarian Conspir...I mean National Broadcasting Network, so we'll just wait and see. At least they made him British this time, right?

The show debuts this Fall on Friday nights.

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If you laughed at any of these short clips immediately subscribe to Hulu+ and watch all of the 'Danger 5' episodes they have.

If you didn't laugh punish yourself buy spending $27.60 of your own money buying me this boss shirt to make up for your poor taste in everything.

The Australians behind the show are currently working on a brand new season of the show which will hit Hulu eventually.

Do you think they'll actually kill Hitler this season? I hope not.

'Danger 5'
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One of my favorite things to watch on Netflix instant is episodes of David Lynch's quirky early-nineties series 'Twin Peaks'. Don't get me wrong, I love the weird humor, and I especially love the obscure occultisms its later episodes are littered with. But I often find myself hungering for cherry pie after watching the denizens of the wacky northwestern town scarf down slice after slice of the stuff for hours on end.

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At 03:28 AM on 07/10/13
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