Post-Rap grandaddy Sole brings his considerable skills for avant-garde Anarchist agitprop lyrcism to bear on false-flag waving conspiracy mongers on the searing deconstruction "Fuck Alex Jones".

"Fuck Alex Jones" is the lead track from Sole and DJ Pain 1's four track 'Warfare' EP, which is available for purchase for the bargain price of $4 via Sole's Bandcamp page.

It's just a taste of what the two have to offer on their forthcoming 'Deathdrive' LP, which can be pre-ordered on Sole's own website.

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At 03:21 PM on 04/13/14
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Aesop Rock - The Blob

Free download 'The Blob' is around a half an hours worth of dope beats produced by none other than Aesop Rock.

It boasts a surprising variety of sounds and styles to be heard throughout the project's runtime.

Kinda makes one wonder why Aesop isn't tapped to produce other acts during downtime between albums?

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At 02:59 PM on 04/13/14
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I've seen a couple of videos from NRK/OFGKTA associate Pyramid Vritra, but this trippy clip for his tune "Spool" is the first one that really appealed to me.

There's some deep imagery, in both his laid-back lyricism and the slightly psychedelic visuals that accompany them in the video, coloring this kid's cool-cool Cloud Rap.

"Spool" is from Pyramid Vritra's debut full length album 'Indra', which is available right now via the increasingly eccentric Stones Throw recording label.

Pyramid Vritra
Stones Throw
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At 06:51 PM on 04/05/14
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Backwoodz Studioz's Billy Woods is one of my favorite rappers in the game right now.

And he sounds especially dope spitting Biblical references and flexing a "slow it up speed it up flow" over a soulful but spooky beat from producer L’Orange on "The End".

The video, from Jay Brown and Paul Mihailoff, is as dark and mysterious as Woods himself.

"The End" is from L'Orange's new album 'The Orchid Days', out now on Mello Music Group.

Billy Woods
Mello Music Group
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At 08:54 AM on 03/29/14
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"Born to Die", the new Hylas Films-directed video from King Khan & The Shrines features some pretty heavy magickal death and rebirth imagery.

I dig it.

That the visuals were made to accompany a song that's such a high energy Psychadelic Garage Rock workout just makes it all the more fabulous.

I dig that too.

"Born to Die" is from King Khan & The Shrines' most recent album, 'Idle No More', which is in stores now on the Merge Records label.

King Khan & The Shrines
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At 10:36 PM on 03/28/14
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I used to listen to Apathy rhyme on Connecticut college radio about 20 years ago.

His output as a recording artist since then has been a bit hit and miss with me.

I ain't mad at his newest single, "The Grand Leveler", or the video, where he represents for the Widow's Son something fierce.

"The Grand Leveler" is from Ap's forthcoming record 'Connecticut Casual', which is out June 3rd on Dirty Version Records.

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At 07:06 PM on 03/25/14
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Veteran Ohio emcee/beatmaker Blueprint plays a serial killer who hunts record collectors for their breakbeats in the new video for the title track to his new LP "Respect the Architect".

'Respect the Architect', which features gust spots from Illogic and Count Bass D, is due out, in a myriad of formats, April 22nd, via Blueprint's own Weightless Records imprint.

Weightless Records
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At 06:58 PM on 03/25/14
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