Killah Priest flexes some serious "bead game" while dropping the jewel-laced verses we've come to expect over some of the best production he's rhymed on in years on "The Color of Ideas".

The Jordan River Banks-produced "The Color of Ideas" is the first single off the Wu-Tang affiliated emcee's newest full-length, 'Planet of the Gods', which is due out in mid-June on Proverb Records.

Killah Priest
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Los Angeles-bred emcee Eagle Nebula explores both inner places and outer spaces over a spacey stomp-clap beat on "Nebulizer".

Hear more of her journey through the cosmos on 'Space Goddess', available via her BandCamp page.

Eagle Nebula
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At 09:56 PM on 04/20/15
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When it comes to magick I'm personally most fond of so-called sex magick. The practical application of sex magick can be incredibly rewarding without having to delve into the ritual and theatrics that some other forms of magick demand of the practitioner. I was reminded of this fact recently at an unexpected time by an unexpected piece of music; "Between the Sheets" by legendary Soul band The Isley Brothers.

While listening to an "oldies" channel on Pandora a while back the classic slow jam from the familial Ohio-bred outfit's 1983 T-Neck Records album of the same name found its way into my headphones. Upon hearing the song's familiar strains I was suddenly struck by admittedly subtle (and I'm sure unintentional) allusions to magickal concepts and practices that I hadn't heard in it before.

Ron Isley's opening lines--"Hey girl, ain't no mystery, At least as far as I can see"--sounded like an adept schooled in sexual mysteries assuring his partner that he knows exactly what he's doing. His repeated declaration that he can "feel your love surrounding" him seemed to echo the theories of Wilhelm Reich (revisited by Robert Anton Wilson in 'ILLUMINATUS!' and several of his other works) regarding sexual energy fields. The suggestion of mutual oral pleasures with the line "just taste my love, you taste so sweet", which may just expose the supreme secret of the Ordo Templi Orientis, as allegedly detailed (according to the aforementioned Robert Anton Wilson) by no less a magus than Aleister Crowley in Chapter 69 of his 1912/13 publication 'The Book of Lies (full title: Which is also Falsely Called BREAKS. The Wanderings or Falsifications of the One Thought of Frater Perdurabo, which Thought is itself Untrue. Liber CCCXXXIII [Book 333]'. And finally the declaration "Ooh girl, you blow my mind" before he promises "I'll always be your freak", admitting the literal mind-expanding qualities of the magickal sex act, while pledging himself to the "unseemly" practices, looked down upon as "freaky" by the uninitiated.

It all made perfect sense. But how many people had made love to "Between the Sheets" over the years without ever meditating on the mystical undercurrents present in the lyrics, much less truly contemplating the power present in the sex-act itself? "Between the Sheets" was always a celebration of physical love, but in light of my reevaluation it had taken on all new dimensions of meaning. Think about it before you "get it on" next time. As a matter of fact, think before you "get it on" every time.

Music is (sex) magick!
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Known as much for his minimalist synthesizer-driven scoring as for directing horror, sci-fi, action, and exploitation classics, filmmaker John Carpenter has just released his first non-soundtrack album 'Lost Themes'!

"Night" is a typically tense, mechanically atmospheric Carpenter composition paired here with visuals which embrace several of the stylistic tropes that have informed the man's cinematic work over the decades.

'Lost Themes' is out now on Sacred Bones Records.

Sacred Bones Records
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I'm not really sure what exactly is supposed to be going on in the video for Young Fathers' "SHAME", but dude's sure got some nice dance moves.

The decidedly Post-Punk-influenced "SHAME" is from the Afro-Scottish alternative Hip-Hop trio's recently released Big Dada LP 'White Men are Black Men Too'.

Young Fathers
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Irish discotheque chanteuse Róisín Murphy, a longtime favorite of this blog, is back with "Exploitation", a dose of mellow-but-propulsive emotional House music for your lounge and dance floor.

"Exploitation" is from her long-awaited third LP 'Hairless Toys', which is due out May 11th via the [PIAS] label.

Róisín Murphy
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Independent Atlanta Avant-Rap artist Stori Brooks' coy rhymes and subdued singing add mystery to an already dark, sludgy, almost Industrial-sounding Luke Bonds soundscape on "Untitled 4:10".

Stori Brooks
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